Smarter New Business | Working Smarter for Growth

Smarter New Business | Marketing strategy, sales process and product management. Consultancy, training or resource

Consultancy, training and support to help you deliver accelerated growth or strategic expansion.  Even where circumstances, contrained resource or limited budget is creating a challenge.

The SmarterNewBusiness methods help bridge the gaps and remove the barriers to support:

  • Effective growth plans and strategy
  • Finding new customers
  • Winning new customers
  • Keeping and growing the value of customers
  • Developing new products, processes, services or partnerships

What’s your challenge?

Smarter New Business | Richard Higginbotham, Independent Marketing Director

Meet Richard

Richard has led marketing teams and delivered sales and product transformation in blue chip companies and dynamic SMEs.  He has helped companies across a number of sectors to transform their sales and marketing performance.

Some of the situations where the SmarterNewBusiness approach can help:

  • Turning investment in new capabilities into new customers – e.g. bringing new products to market, making new capabiities a compelling reason to do business with you, creating quality leads on restricted budgets
  • Creating and supporting new marketing teams
  • Transforming struggling marketing activity into cost-effective, profitable campaigns
  • Helping ineffective or under-pressure sales teams become productive and efficient