Richard Higginbotham | Smarter New Business

What is SmarterNewBusiness?

Hi, I’m Richard Higginbotham.

The SmarterNewBusiness approach has come from the challenges I’ve faced over the last 20 years in selling, serving customers, supporting sales and leading marketing teams.

Customers, the way they buy and the technology they use has changed a lot in that time.  But one thing has remained constant – growth requires selling more product or service, and selling takes time and effort.

Born of Experience

Working with and for big brands, multi-national corporates and dynamic SMEs has given me a huge insight into what works and what doesn’t.  

Building customer management solutions that use some of the best and most sophisticated sales and marketing technologies has shown me what is possible.   

Having to get by in situations where there is no budget and time-scales are non-existent has helped to hone my skills and refine activities down to the bare essentials.    

Smarter New Business | Innovation workshop for growth

Craft (not Daft)

Repeating the success and testing the principles / assumptions that made it possible has evolved to become the SmarterNewBusiness method.  It is a combination of Marketing Strategy, Sales Process and Product Management.

I work with clients to apply SmarterNewBusiness methods to help them define their growth strategy and to find, keep and grow their customers.   

Results Matter

  • Generate more leads – quickly and on tight budgets

  • Create more effective marketing campaigns

  • Build a qualified sales pipeline – quickly

  • Convert more opportunities

  • Identify and evaluate new product / service opportunities

  • Launch new products more effectively

  • Generate cash-flow from new product / process development faster

  • Select and activate product / sales partners

  • Enter new markets

  • Monetise investment in new capability – faster

SmarterNewBusiness | Independent Marketing Director