Marketing Effectiveness

The SmarterNewBusiness approach to market analysis, strategy and execution has evolved traditional techniques to deliver relevant information that a business can act on to defend and increase its market share.

Choosing the Battles You Can Win

Rather than focus on "which market sectors are attractive and why?" the SmarterNewBusiness approach focuses heavily on the organisations and buyers within potential sectors to balance this with "which sectors are your product / service attractive to and why?".   

This sounds like simple, common sense - but it's frequently overlooked and creates barriers to sales, ineffective or expensive marketing and compromising on product or service value.

The SmarterNewBusiness approach identifies the sweet-spots, positions you effectively and lays the foundations for you to differentiate yourself against relevant competitors.

Campaigns to raise brand profile and generate demand are naturally more effective - delivering higher return on investment and faster results.  Aligning the value proposition to the buyer's problems and the way they research, select and builds powerful and long-lasting relationships.

Applying technology and data appropriately enables relationships to be initiated, nurtured and secured at scale.