Sales Effectiveness

The SmarterNewBusiness approach to selling focuses on removing barriers and making it easier for sellers to do what they do best. Sell.

Rather than just focus on techniques and motivation - getting the sales team working hard - the approach also identifies wasted effort and drains on productivity.

Each seller having to undertake their own individual analysis of each buyer across a broad spectrum is time consuming and frustrating.  Searching for resources that relate directly to the needs that have been uncovered (and potentially having to create them from scratch) is an unnecessary additional drain on time and motivation.

The SmarterNewBusiness approach is to put sellers in front of buyers with common needs.  It is then possible to equip sellers with the customer knowledge, the resources and the training to identify key trigger events in the buying process.

This approach helps sellers to identify relevant value for the buyer earlier, present compelling solutions faster - and ultimately improve sales win rates.

How it Works:

  • Sales teams are helping buyers through their buying process
  • Knowledge of the customer and their needs is greater
  • Likely stakeholders can be identified and engaged
  • Supporting information is aligned to the buyer and their buying process
  • Best practice is identified and shared across the sales team
  • Buyers experience 'added value' through specific help and guidance
  • Products and services are positioned for maximum impact