Content Accelerator

Customers are researching what they need online before they engage with sales.   They are consuming content – information that:

  • Informs them about their challenges, pains and aspirations
  • Shows them possible approaches to tackling them
  • Compares strengths and weaknesses of competing approaches
  • Guides them through implementing a solution

Potential customers want information – quality content that answers their questions, stimulates ideas and guides their path towards their goal.

The typical buyer consumes multiple pieces of content from the company who wins their business – it guides them to the solution and builds the relationship.

But where to start?

Typical Challenges:

  • What content is needed and what should be produced?
  • Promotion – how do we get it in front of potential customers?
  • Production – getting non-technical writers / creatives to bring in-depth expertise to life
  • Making it work – getting the team to use it to it’s full potential
  • Measurement – knowing what’s working, what isn’t and being able to make changes
  • Budget – getting it done on a tight budget, with constrained resources (when everyone’s busy enough already)

The SmarterNewBusiness Approach:

Clarity is quickly achieved with a vision, a strategy and a plan.

  • Who are your target buyers – and what are they after?
  • What have you already got?  (You probably have many of the answers they are looking for, but not necessarily in the right format).
  • What do you need to achieve? (e.g. Attracting new leads, converting leads to opportunities, brand profile)

Focusing on what the content is for makes a production and distribution plan possible.  Starting with what you already have and repurposing it allows for testing and minimises what you need to spend up front.

Initial testing establishes the measurement and guides the longer term plan.

Working with all members of your team and reviewing progress builds an understanding of value, helps them understand their roles and embeds the process.

Longer-term, content planning, production, distribution and measurement becomes a natural part of customer engagement.   Processes we use to get you started evolve into day-to-day activities within your organisation.