FastStart Lead Generation

From zero to leads – FAST!

To deliver growth requires customers.  To generate new business productively, the sales team requires a pipeline of qualified leads.   

Generating ‘leads’ can be challenging – generating leads that ensure that the sellers who close deals spend their time in front of buyers ready to make decisions is another altogether.

Where no lead generation activity is in place, the wrong tactics can set an organisation back months and a significant amount of money.   If activity is in place but is either not generating leads or providing leads that aren’t ready to convert – turning it around requires expert support.

Typical Challenges:

  • Sales people wasting valuable sales time finding new opportunities
  • Money is being spent on activities like SEO / Paid Search / email Marketing / advertising / events – but little to show for it
  • Sales people suspicious of leads when they are handed over due to previous poor experience
  • The new business pipeline is too narrow to deliver revenue aspirations – everybody feels the pressure

The SmarterNewBusiness Approach:

The FastStart lead generation programme has been proven to transform lead generation performance from zero to qualified leads in 60-90 days.

Our approach and industry expertise means we can rapidly build an understanding of your product / service, your target buyers and design and implement a programme fast.  We use a combination of proven tactics to ensure we get the right message to the right potential buyers – immediately.

We work in partnership with your sales people in order to understand what’s working, what’s not and ensure that the hand-off of leads is effective.

We can work with your existing systems, supplement them with simple technology and help you to devise an efficient and effective lead management process.

The FastStart package typically includes:

  • Campaign strategy – involving a number of short conversations with your team to understand your business and target buyers
  • Data – we find and target an agreed number of organisations and contacts
  • Content – we create information will attract and inform target buyers with a problem to solve
  • Email and Digital marketing – we create a contact strategy across the web, social and email to attract, engage and nurture leads to the point where they are ready to engage with a seller

Ready to find out more?

If you have challenges with finding new customers or generating leads, contact now.  We’d be delighted to have an initial no obligation chat – and you might just hit upon a solution.