Independent Marketing Director

The products / services you deliver, the markets you target, how you go to market and the prices you charge are essential strategic decisions for any organisation.

Marketing should provide leadership and support across strategy and execution, but too often the function becomes mired in ‘fluffy’ activities.   Worse still, where budget and resource is constrained the leadership responsibilities are spread across other functions and “marketing” is relegated to the production / coordination of promotional material.

Typical Challenges:

  • Slow growth beyond current levels of performance
  • Ineffective or expensive lead generation activity
  • A sales pipeline that is either too narrow or doesn’t convert
  • “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride” – repeatedly coming close second in competitive pitches
  • High staff turnover in sales
  • Loyal customers – but each for a narrow element of your full capability
  • New products and services that “sneak out” rather than launch with a bang
  • No shortage of new ideas – but no sure-fire bets for investment.

The SmarterNewBusiness Approach:

Working alongside your team, an independent Marketing Director can provide the leadership you need to make an impact without the cost of a full-time resource of this calibre.

This flexible leadership and support can help you address the critical areas where marketing should drive your business forward:

  • Your market strategy – which opportunities, how to position your organisation and your brand / value proposition
  • Finding New Customers – deploying effective lead generation, qualification and CRM activities
  • Winning New Customers – support for the sales process beyond just the promotional materials
  • Cross-Selling and Building Customer Loyalty
  • Partnering Effectively with Sales
  • Building Customer Knowledge and Focus across your business
  • Managing the marketing team and budget to deliver a return on investment

Using flexible and independent expertise can help limited budgets go further.   An independent expert can provide leadership and guidance to junior resource and not only free up budget for activity – it can make the activity more effective.