Monetising Innovation

Innovation is arguably the most important driver of growth.  But successful innovation must deliver cashflow and profitability.

New products, more efficient processes, better services and new competitive advantage all require investment before they deliver returns.

Balancing risk and opportunity goes with the territory.  But how do you turn the odds in your favour?

Typical Challenges:

  • How do I fund the promotional activity to take new capability to market?
  • How do I turn sunk costs in process development into increased revenues?
  • How can I reduce the risk around new product / service development?
  • How can I make new product / service revenues more predictable?
  • Why is this new product / floundering?
  • Why can’t customers see the advantages of the improved solution?
  • Should I invest in developing this solution?

The SmarterNewBusiness Approach:

Reviewing development and innovation to date identifies opportunities to recover cost (e.g. identifying unclaimed incentives and tax relief) and generate revenue.   Even failed / aborted developments have potential.

For existing developments, validating how product / service features deliver value informs effective launch plans.

Supporting you in identifying suitable clients who can validate / pilot new capabilities reduces uncertainty and aids investment.

Learning from pilot developments refines the value proposition – providing the basis for compelling launch propositions.  Engaging prospective buyers pre-launch validates the proposition, ensuring  early market traction and a solid sales pipeline.

Finally, delivering effective launch campaigns help you to secure the brand positioning and platform for future growth.