Find New Customers

Finding new customers and lead generation is critical for growth.  Attracting customers is a challenge for many businesses - how do you find the opportunities, how do you fill the sales pipeline and how do you do it profitably?

SmarterNewBusiness methods focus on simple, repeatable and scalable processes to generate leads that convert into profitable business.    We cut out the wasted effort and marketing ‘fluff’ to get down to effective activity.


Working smarter for new business starts with identifying and understanding the right customers for your business - and defining what makes each type of buyer different.

  • We help you identify the right buyers
  • We help you understand their problems - and how they seek to solve them
  • We help you identify the questions they are asking - and help you present your product / service as the right answer.  For each type of buyer.


  • Constructing the right mix of online, outbound email, social media and traditional events / PR activity to be where your target buyers are when they need answers to their questions
  • Automating activity to be able to intelligently manage relationships across each inbound / outbound touchpoint
  • Capturing and measuring effectiveness - to be able to both create ‘right-time’ triggers for interaction and to improve the effectiveness of the programme

Smarter lead generation delivers faster and more effectively - it initiates relationships with buyers seeking solutions you offer by providing the information they need.  At the right time and in the places they are looking for it.


By helping you turn what you do into the answers to your target customers’ challenges and problems we help you create a library of valuable content.  This allows you to attract attention, engage interest and stimulate demand for your product / service.

By helping you make best use of your CRM capabilities and available tools and technology we help you to manage, automate and measure your lead generation activity.  

Where gaps exist in either your technology or content we help you by providing / sourcing appropriate support and tools.