Develop New Products / Services

For organisations who work with dynamic customers in diverse markets, developing and innovating new capabilities is a big challenge.

The SmarterNewBusiness approach helps you get the right flexibility into what you do to satisfy customers. It helps you to maximise the market opportunity, get new capabilities to market quickly and to monetise innovation. 


A focus on customers / buyers in existing and relating markets identifies unmet needs.  A review of market dynamics and emerging trends supplements this and creates a long list of ideas for development.

Analysing the competitor landscape, your existing capabilities and likely development requirements qualifies desirability, feasibility and likely value.

The process to achieve a list of actionable opportunities provides a foundation for effective delivery.


Identifying opportunities to test / validate assumptions with potential clients, pilot new processes and build valuable insight into development reduces uncertainty and refines the proposition.

Engaging with potential buyers tests possible price points, willingness to pay and their likely buying / evaluation process.

Looking at potential partnerships can accelerate delivery and create new opportunities.

A proven and repeatable process for stakeholder engagement ensures all delivery elements are aligned to make the best of the opportunity.


Validated and demonstrable client benefits delivered through the SmarterNewBusiness approach support early market traction.

Sound launch plans translate initial interest into a solid sales pipeline, to give sight of first revenues and ultimately benefits realisation.

A knowledge of the innovation incentives landscape ensures that you are best placed to benefit from schemes like Research and Development Tax Relief.

Leadership and support can be provided at any or all stages:

  • Idea generation
  • Opportunity evaluation
  • Designing market tests and pilots and engaging potential clients / partners
  • Programme management
  • Value Proposition development
  • Proposition launch
  • Identifying potential sources of R&D Tax Relief