Keep and Grow Customers

Customers come to market and buy the best fit for their needs at a particular time.  But needs change over time and typically what they buy initially is a narrow part of your overall capability.

SmarterNewBusiness helps you to not only attract customers who stay for longer and buy more, the approach helps you to find more ways to sell more and build higher value relationships.


Rather than focusing on how to get the most revenue out of the customer, the method is geared toward helping the customer extract as much value as possible from the product.

Learning from the activities that help them do this and applying it to other customers creates ‘best practice’ solutions.  The method also identifies new applications of your capability that can be packaged for additional revenue streams.

The method builds an understanding of their needs beyond selecting a solution into what they need from the delivery process.  Knowing what success looks like at every stage to the each customer type allows targeted onboarding processes to be developed.


A clear process for delivery ensures customers achieve benefits.

Case studies and new applications are identified and fed back into the business.   This fosters a customer-focus across the organisation as well as identifying opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell within other clients.

Gaps in capability and opportunities to enhance the product / service are proactively identified and stimulate innovation.

Meaningful measurement of customer satisfaction and proactive management builds loyalty and advocacy.


Targeted onboarding processes.

Smart use of CRM technologies to automate and monitor interactions and their effectiveness.

Client forums / events and a structured 'voice of the customer' programme.