Growth Strategy and Planning

Defining where your business wants to be is one thing.  Creating and executing a plan is a bigger challenge.   Getting back on plan when things change is another thing entirely.

SmarterNewBusiness methods help you both put the plan together and get marketing, sales and product management working together to a common agenda.  


  • Clear definitions of your mid to long-term strategy and short to mid-term plans
    • What will be achieved
    • Why you will be able to achieve it
    • How it will be achieved
  • Creating a thorough understanding of the activities and assumptions that underpin both
  • Building a common understanding, buy-in and commitment across the business


  • The right activities underpinned by the right measures
  • Rapid feedback ensures gaps in business performance are spotted before they happen
  • Agile activity plans allows for changes to be made to the execution plan to mitigate risks and seize opportunities


By helping you to implement the right processes for planning, measurement and decision-making we help your management team create the model that fits your business, your market and your target customers.

By helping you to devise the right sales / marketing operating model we ensure that you are not bogged down in analysis - instead your teams are managing and shaping the journey to your long-term goals in real-time.