Win New Customers

Consistently winning new customers, delivering a high conversion of opportunities to sales requires strong links between product / service delivery, marketing and sales.

The SmarterNewBusiness approach effectively bridges the gaps between these groups to deliver a process where the buyer is guided to the right decision and the seller is an added value partner.


The SmarterNewBusiness methods are rooted in a deep understanding of the target buyer and why they will find what you do attractive.  

Segmenting types of customer and types of buyer avoids chasing opportunities that you can never win.  Building a the understanding of the target buyers, the other stakeholders involved in decision-making and planning for targeted interactions allows for the right training, sales content and collateral to be created.

Knowing the questions that are being asked, when and the answers that will be needed makes it possible to plan in advance for necessary support from marketing and product / service resource.

This makes it possible to create a structured, repeatable and widely understood sales process that maps directly to the way the buyer makes a decision.


Putting the sales process ‘on rails’ allows best practice behaviour to be identified across the sales team, shared and optimised.

It means that the right questions are asked of the buyer at the right time.  This uncovers and establishes value in your offering.  Opportunities are qualified faster and the right stakeholders engaged earlier.

The right answers to questions from the buyer are readily available - speeding up sales interactions, building credibility and guiding the buyer to a decision.

Ultimately, by engaging earlier and in the right way with the buyer you are better positioned to guide what they come to market for when they are ready to compare with the competition.


Ultimately, selling smarter is about cutting out the wasted time and the drains on resources.

The right plan, the right lead generation processes and the right marketing means that sellers are engaging with the right buyers in the first place.

Knowing the customers, knowing the way they buy (in particular the questions they need answering) and knowing they way you deliver them value means that sellers can be equipped with the right knowledge.

Having the right information available, in the right place and guided by context supplements the seller’s knowledge and skills.

Finally, making the best use of the right CRM technologies reduces cost and increases measurability.  

Enabled and supported sales people deliver better results.  Their motivation is higher, they stay for longer and new members of the team get up to speed faster.   Buyers like them - they are no longer a nuisance.  They are adding value and showing them the way.